Automated Log Collector

Minimum Footprint, Quick Value

XpoLog has an open log collection system called PortX with built-in log data connectors and patented technology to parse, enrich automatically, and ship data. Pain-free.

XpoLog log collector can be integrated into Logstash and also function as an end-to-end logging platform across systems.

XpoLog provides a unique set of log collectors to support the log collection architecture.

  • Any log-binary log collection and other types of logs can be streamed and forwarded.
  • Listeners and protocols – SysLog, HTTP/S, Logstash, Netflow, Kafka, more.
  • Agent-less collection over SSH – no agents. Virtual user operations.
  • Windows and Microsoft technology log data collection.
  • Agents for any requirement and support for open source agents as well.

Our log collector slashes 90% of manual work, optimizes costs, adds security, and allows data manipulation. Gain insights in a click.