Automated Log Collector

Minimum Footprint, Quick Value

XpoLog log collector is an open log collection system that can be integrated to Logstash and also function as an end to end logging platform across systems.

XpoLog also provides a unique set of log collectors to support the log collection architecture.

  • Any log – binary log collection and other types of logs can be streamed and forwarded.
  • Listeners and protocols – SysLog, HTTP/S, Logstash, Netflow, Kafka more.
  • Agent-less collection over SSH – no agents. Virtual user operations.
  • Windows and Microsoft technology log data collection.
  • Agents for any requirement and support for open source agents as well.

Our log collector contains dozens of built-in connectors for popular systems, web applications, web servers, application servers, cloud, logging systems, OS, security systems, storages, databases.