Log Management Tools:

A Look at 11 That You Need

ToolProConGood For
SplunkFeature rich, huge install base.Very high price.  Long learning curve, long and expensive deployments and high maintenance. Enterprises looking for solid technology and confidence in company and brand. 
ELKHave Free (open-source version) for initial use, more control. Very High TCO, large labor investment. Not free when in need to monitor or other critical features. High storage, compute requirements.Enterprises willing to invest in a lot of DIY, small dev groups that need elasticsearch for other needs.
SumoLogicSearch capabilities, easy to set up. SAAS, feature richData retention is expensive: high price to keep a long history. Difficult to build more value.Small only cloud based organizations getting started with a small amount of logs.
SolarWinds/LogglyGood search features, easy to deploy in the cloudFeature poor, old technology, many limitationsEnterprises who’ll deploy mainly to cloud environments instead of on-prem
Logz.ioGood searching, filtering and formatting capabilities.Pricing model could use more tiers. UX has a few issues. Data retention isn’t great. Quickly becoming very expensiveCloud based applications who can afford paying more for the enterprise model.
HumioLonger retention than many of the competitors.More expensive than alternatives. Still not mature in features and servicesCloud oriented organizations with a need for longer data retention.
LogentriesGood alerting features; security as a top priority. Longer retention.Character limit for log entries. Somewhat more expensive than alternatives. Basic features onlyOrganizations with need for longer retention.
GraylogGood ROI (enterprise version is free for < 5 GB), great log history service.Learning curve, slow support team.Organizations with low volume of logging / not a big budget available.
SentryQuick setup, good notification system, integrations with 3rd party apps.Searching and filtering could be improved.Organizations looking for a quick setup.
PapertrailEasy to use, short learning curve.Not as feature-rich as some of the other tools.Small organizations that don’t need the most advanced features and can benefit from a quick start.
XplgFeature-rich, marketplace for apps, easy to maintain and deploy. Algorithms that automate analysis. (compared to all solutions), affordable, demonstrates the best ROI and TCO Smaller community than elastic or Splunk, product portfolio is focused on Security and IT, not on business too. Great but still under the radar solution.Enterprises and SMEs that look for quick deployment with high value,  affordable yet advance technology win for IT, Apps and security needs for hybrid clouds.