New Log Monitoring Integrations:

Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty

Keep track of your infrastructure and apps from everywhere, and share valuable insights with colleagues.

XpoLog 7 log monitoring tool, features new integrations with Slack, PagerDuty, and MS Teams.

These integrations come in two levels:

  1. Sharing – found something interesting? share and publish your search results with others to Slack channels, MS Teams rooms, and create incidents automatically in PagerDuty.
  2. Automated alerts – be notified immediately when errors, risks, and abnormal behavior occurs.

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How to share your searches and get alerts via MS Teams, Slack and Pager Duty?

More and more users choose to use IM apps around the world, for personal and professional purposes.

Instant Messaging, chat, and Mobile Messaging use and predictions by business and consumer users.

Global Information Inc.

For internal corporate communication, some even claimed the death of emails, which obviously is not true, still, IM has many advantages for certain types of communication and that is why it is on the rise.

The new XpoLog integration with Slack, MS Teams and PagerDuty is far more than just a “nice to have” chatting tool.

For IT, security, Operation and Dev departments, the meaning of receiving real-time updates about possible threats and problems in the environment could have significant implications for the organization.

Furthermore, the ability to share insights from a log management and analysis tool and send direct search results to other team members helps to brainstorm and expedite the time-to-resolution process.

send IM from XpoLog log management and log analysis tool

Our log monitoring integrations –

Share a search to MS Teams

Run a search in XpoLog search console, on the top right corner you’ll find the “Share a search” button.

You can add a personal note, then select the “Rooms” you wish to publish your search and publish.

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Share a search to PagerDuty

Same as described above. Learn more >

Share a search to Slack

Same as described above. Learn more >

Get automated alerts and notification

Automated log monitoring alerts - integration to Slack

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