PortX Automated Log Parser

Quick, simple automated parser of any log type/format,
Eliminates 90% of manual scripting.  

Automated log parser and log collection

PortXs’ Visual & Automated Log Parser eliminates the pain and costs of manual scripting, making PortX the simplest and fastest Log Data Parsing & Collection Solution.

  • PortXs’ Automated Log Collectors (XPLGs’ patented technology) automatically detects and configures data patterns from any data source and normalizes them automatically.
  • PortX Automated log parsing reduces 90% of manual Efforts put into RegExp, Grok work, and ongoing maintenance. Optimizing costs.
  • PortX filters and ships data to any platform (ELK/Logstash integration, SIEM). Optimizes data management costs (TCO).
  • PortX was designed to ship the Pattern data to the XpoLog Log analysis platform. That identifies and auto-suggests relevant analytic apps with out-of-the-box dashboards, reports, problem detection, monitors, more.

Eliminate Time-consuming Manual Scripting, Reduce-Costs, and Gain Insights Faster with PortX,
XPLGs’ Leading, Optimized Management for IT Data Streams