PortX Log Parser – Optimize Log Streams

Reduce logging costs with Self-Service Parser and Optimized Log Streams

XpoLog log parser recognizes the type and format of your logs automatically. automated log parser

PortXs’ Visual log parser eliminates the pain and costs of manual scripting. PortX is the simplest and fastest log data parsing & collection solution.

  • PortXs’ Automated Log Collectors (XPLGs’ patented technology) automatically detects and configures data patterns from any data source and normalizes them automatically.
  • PortX Automated log parsing reduces 90% of manual Efforts put into RegExp, Grok work, and ongoing maintenance. Optimizing costs.
  • PortX filters and route data to any platform (ELK/Logstash integration, SIEM). Optimizes data management costs (TCO).
  • PortX was designed to ship the Pattern data to the XpoLog Log analysis platform. That identifies and auto-suggests relevant analytic apps with out-of-the-box dashboards, reports, problem detection, monitors, more.

Eliminate Time-consuming Manual Scripting, Reduce-Costs, and Gain Insights Faster with PortX,
XPLGs’ Leading, Optimized Management for IT Data Streams