A new year with a new look and many more…

Simplified analysis. Enhanced visualizations, alerting capabilities, advanced data forwarding, and more.

Great news! We have published a new update with many exciting new features and optimizations:

New Search Look and Feel>>

  • Control the query area, screen layout, and events display to match your needs.
  • New query editor and control panel.
  • Export, share, save and visualize any result quickly from the results.

New Dashboards Look and Feel>>

  • More visualizations, new look.
  • Dynamic layouts – design the widgets’ sizes and locations in any form on the screen.

New Data Forwarding Capabilities>>

  • Control what and how you send.
  • Filter specific events, transform data structure JSON/CSV/etc., and mask sensitive data.
  • Multiple targets in real-time – Syslog, HTTPS, Kafka, etc.

More Monitors Capabilities, Alerting, and Integrations>>

  • Faster monitoring engine.
  • Additional integrations and alert types.
  • Results visualization and history

Major performance optimizations: 

Manage more data, more monitors, and more visualizations with fewer resources.

Security Updates: 

Additional data encryption and security mechanisms.

Bug fixes: 

Overall fixes and enhancements.


The XPLG Team