log data deployment Deployment Features

The magic word here is agent-less. You can download and set up XpoLog in your cloud or on your local premises, you don’t need deployments to download, neither in the cloud nor locally, and once you have XpoLog on your server you don’t need an agent to collect the data. XpoLog uses the common protocols so there is no need to prepare or make changes to your infrastructure.

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a log management tool that centralizes all log data into one place and enable to correlate between events throughout the entire environment Data Collection Features

When XpoLog collects your data, it uses existing protocols, so there is no need for infrastructure changes or agents, you get immediate value.

You are also unlimited with regards to types and formats, XpoLog can collect any data.

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automated log parserLog Parsing Features

Extract any data from any log according to your needs. XpoLog enables you to manipulate your data already from the pattern level and allows more than one pattern to the same log.

Create your own pattern templates or use XpoLog’s advanced automatic parsing rules.

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log viewer and log search for aggregated log data or investigate each logView and Search Features

From the XpoLog Log Viewer, you can investigate single logs, filter out specific strings, and dig in deep. You even have the option of opening many log viewer tabs, to compare intimate details of different logs. From XpoLog Search you can search and view multiple logs and file sources. From either of these two views you can see your logs in near real time.

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complex log search allows you to create complex queries to investigate your log data Complex Search Features

Search through real time-indexed log data, filter, understand, and act using XpoLog’s advanced rules, custom data functions, and XpoLog’s highly unique search platform.

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log monitoring - simple query, complex query and machine generated errors Data Monitoring and Rules Features

Make use of XpoLog’s proactive built-in monitoring engine or create your own custom monitoring rules to trigger alerts according to your requirement.

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scale easy with XpoLog log management toolScalability and Management Features

XpoLog allows for easy scalability by using a shared storage between different servers. You can deploy as many instances/servers as you need at any given time, and then if your organization grows, you just add more servers. You are essentially unlimited, as you can deploy as many servers as you want.

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log data mining with XpoLog machine learning technology - detect errors, and problems, anomalies, exceptions, trendsAutomatic Data Mining Features

When XpoLog displays your search results, each event automatically comes with an auto-detected severity level. XpoLog scans your data and builds a unique signature pattern for each event and uses your search results to find logical structures that make it easier to discover trends and other issues.

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automated log data pattern detection - no more complex deploymentPattern Detection Features

Detect trends and patterns for every log message, occurrence, and distribution over time and sources; check performance of application. The XpoLog Data Flow Monitor monitors the results of the transaction tracking. Find complex logic on many sources and events in order to create intelligence based on predefined correlation rules.

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highly secure log management tool. only you have the accesses to your file. give permissionsSecurity Features

Only you have access to your files. Even XpoLog needs your permission to see your data…

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