XpoLog Announces: New Analytics App for Linux Logs

Instantly analyze and monitor all Linux logs across all Linux servers

XpoLog 7 brings your data into a new age of log analysis and management.

While the industry is focused on developing advanced search abilities and simplifying log analysis, nobody has been able to resolve the persistent issues of the long, complex and tedious deployments.

Up until today! XpoLog 7 is proud to offer full automation of the entire log management lifecycle!

As a Gartner Cool Vendor XpoLog uses patented technology to automate Log management processes.

XpoLog  Provides an Easier and Far More Efficient Solution for IT, Security and Operations Administrators.

What Does Full Automation Mean For Your Linux Logs Analysis?

  • XpoLog 7 offers an  Analytics App for Linux Logs which uses machine-learning and NLP analysis to automatically highlight critical insights from the collected Linux logs.
  • Using this App for Linux, logs are collected from all Linux machines and critical insights are highlighted for your attention and are visualized by dashboards and real-time reports. 

And it takes less than 10 minutes from installation!

Bottom line: Discover problems and errors, understand trends, cron activity/ audit/ security insights, login status visualization and more, automatically!

How Does XpoLog Automate Your Process And Help You Easily Manage Your Logs?

The analytics App for Linux logs features a special agent-less connector for Linux.

Based on XpoLog 7’s deployment automation, the system automatically identifies the data structure and generates data patterns for all incoming Linux logs.

No more complex data pattern configurations!

Everything is automated and deployed in just a few minutes!

Bottom line: Deploy across your entire Linux domain in minutes. Just watch how fast it is

Ready-to-use reports and dashboards for aggregated Linux data

Gone are the days of investing time and effort to define reports and dashboards.

XpoLog’s Linux Analytics App features a variety of ready-to-use reports and dashboards specifically designed for Linux logs data.

Immediately Discover Errors, Security Issues, Cron Problems  

The Linux Analytic app covers crucial issues and trends such as:

  • system, security (audit)
  • Cron
  • errors & problems
  • events sources

Automated AI-Based Insights

Discover hidden anomalies in your Linux Logs (or any type of log) with XpoLog 7 Augmented Search.

XpoLog 7 features automatic insights based on advanced correlations, machine learning and anomaly detections.

While most log analysis tools rely on user expertise, XpoLog provides advanced AI technology requiring no prior knowledge and a dramatic reduction in time-to-resolution.

How Do We Discover Errors and Anomalies If You Haven’t Asked for Them?

XpoLog’s Smart Search engine:

  1. Analyzes all the events and error messages
  2. Understands their meaning
  3. Adds a severity score to these events

You can review these insights while your search, or even better- we present your most popular search queries in the ready-to-use reports and dashboards.

Bottom line: You get immediate situational awareness of problems in the deployment, just because we are fabulous (and XpoLog 7 is a great tool).

Analytics-based monitoring

Remember all the awesome technologies we talked about?

Now you can easily create monitors based on predefined rules for auto-discovering problems and errors and gain automated insights into security system, cron and more.

You can also define custom monitoring using simple or complex rules.

Bottom line: Preventing break-in attempts,  discovering audit problems, authentication failures and more is super easy with XpoLog 7!

Log viewer with predefined Linux-related filters and search queries  

  • We bring the knowledge of how to analyze Linux logs to the administrator’s fingertips, by offering a set of predefined filters and search queries specifically designed for Linux logs.
  • XpoLog’s unified log viewer allows you to view and analyze your Linux log files from a single system or from your entire Linux domain in one place.
  • The log viewer enables selection of specific hosts or the entire domain.
  • Results can be viewed in an easy-to-navigate tabular format with sorting tools for easy access.


The Analytics App for Linux logs is part of the new XpoLog 7 Log Management System.

XpoLog’s latest version is the first log management solution to offer true automation throughout the entire log management lifecycle.

XpoLog automatically understands your data from all sources and offers pre-defined analytics packages with automated insights.

XpoLog’s automation means that the log management solution, covering thousands of network components, can be deployed in just a few minutes and insights can be obtained right away, without any coding, regular expressions, and complex searches.  

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