Quick Start Tutorials for XPLG Suite

Quick Installation Steps

If you are looking for XPLG-Suite tutorials to learn how to quickly Install, Configure and start using
PortX, XpoLog, or AiOPSx, You’re in the right place!

1 DOWNLOADFirst, Go to the Free Download  page and Download XPLG Suite (Check System Requirements)

2 INSTALLAfter your download completes, you should find it easy to Install XPLG-Suite on your system.

3 CONFIGUREAfter installation, You will need to follow this simple  First Configuration Steps

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Adding and Managing Log Data Streams

Congratulations! You are ready to find out how easy it is to start managing data streams with PortX.

PortX Is being used to Collect, Parse, Enrich, Transform, Filter, and Ship-Forward Data to any service (such as ELK and others)
XPLG-Suite uses PortX for XpoLog, AiOPSx, and more.

    Learn how to Create Folders, AppTags, Set up Collection policies, Data Listeners in this quick tutorial Manage Data with PortX.
    Quickly Add Data with PortX (Collect and Parse) using auto pattern detection, automatic Parsing.
    Shipping to/Collecting New data with PORTX 

    Learn how to smartly configure data forwarding with PortX Collection policies